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Testimonial - Sunseeker

When I was promoted into the position of Quality System Manager at a major UK marine manufacturer it was a position I had earned through my knowledge of the business, and previous experience, but not a role I was formally qualified to undertake. I was keen to pursue relevant qualifications and with the encouragement and backing of the business we approached Steve Burrell of Pathway enterprises for advice on training for myself and several others also now working in quality roles.

Steve was already known to our business through his B.I.T training and the benefits of that training that had actually stuck, worked and made a lasting difference. Steve introduced us to the Chartered Quality Institute and began taking us through one of their Qualifications.

Beforehand I was concerned that it would be boring and therefore hard to digest and apply myself to, Steve solved this. He delivered the course and the subject in the most engaging way, he turned what could have been a boring and mundane year of chewing through books into an exciting, challenging and most informative series of training days, days that we all looked forward too and that ultimately paid off with a 100% pass rate.

Steve was very supportive and went above and beyond the call of any training provider to ensure that we had all the knowledge and understanding we needed to form a solid theoretical and practical understanding of our subject. Steve was able to culture and interest in me that I have since continued to feed, and he has always made time to answer questions and be available to bounce ideas off. Above all Steve is a real and very genuine person which is so hard to find these days, if he can help you he will and he seeks no credit for this, I believe his motivation and pride comes from seeing others develop and succeed. I can count on one hand the people I have met in life that I truly look up to, respect and admire, Steve is one of them.

Alex Wills. Quality System Manager. Sunseeker International

Published at: 12-10-2019