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Testimonial - Numatic International Limited

We have utilised Steve to deliver our operational excellence programme for over five years. We initially chose Steve as he was one of a very few trainers who had been trained in the delivery of the Automotive Academy structure of Business Improvement Techniques which we believed had significant advantages over other delivery models. Steve delivered underpinning knowledge and facilitated projects for us at both levels 2 and 3. We gave Steve a difficult task as we allowed our teams to choose their own projects to ensure they felt a strong sense of ownership for them. This meant that some of our projects were not ideally suited to the NVQ model but were important to us. Despite this Steve facilitated and guided our teams and enabled them to make significant changes in their chosen areas and to achieve real and valued improvements to our performance and working environment.

We were so convinced of Steve's approach and its demonstrable benefits that when there was no longer any funding available for NVQs we continued to engage his services on a commercial basis. In this phase of the work he has continued to train and support our employees in improvement techniques and has also developed and delivered an "Improvement Champions" course to further support our Supervisors and Team Leaders in their leadership of change.

Steve's real world experience of manufacturing allows him to speak with authority and empathy when relating to our teams challenges and this has given him significant credibility with us as it is evident that he is more than a "trainer". We have found his delivery style sympathetic enough to cope with those individuals who are initially sceptical of change and challenging enough to support more developed teams. He has been invaluable in the development of our improvement culture and we are continuing to use his service to further support our change programmes.

Stuart Cochrane. Manufacturing Manager. Numatic International Limited

Published at: 12-10-2019