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Know Care Can Do (Bronze)

Continuous Improvement Health Check Tool

The 'Know Care Can Do' is the first in the suite of tools and has been developed to tell you exactly what each layer of staff in your organisation Knows, their level of Care in the business, whether they Can actually drive CI and lastly whether they actually DO, and the next course of action to take to improve this picture.

One order per account for this KCCD product.

An enormous amount of time, resource and money has been spent in pursuit of implementing ‘Lean’ in organisations. Everyone who sets out on the journey can usually understand the logic, see the benefits and perhaps even know something about the tools and techniques to achieve it.

As often as not the approach centres largely training. There is nothing wrong with this of course, as having people appropriately trained is indeed essential if any organisation is to implement and reap the rewards of Lean.

However, the problem is that few organisations consider everything else that will need to be in place, understood and actually happening if an organisation is going to be successful, and it is from this standpoint that we at “Unleash” have established a concept that we have called KCCD, which is an acronym for the following factors:

Everyone in the business will have to know what they need to know to contribute to the Lean programme. The knowledge at different levels of the business may not be exactly the same, but it is essential that the body of knowledge across the business is sufficient for everyone to be able to participate
Does the business care sufficiently about the implementation of Lean, recognising that it will have to be achieved with all of the existing pressures, problems and requirements still in place right now! To achieve, the business and its leaders must care sufficiently to ensure that the importance is communicated consistently throughout the business, and that room and time is created for people to become involved and that this eventually leads to involvement just being a part of what naturally happens in the business
For Lean to be a natural part of business culture, there has to be a way for people to get involved and contribute. Therefore, there must be a system or process in place that allows, encourages and recognises those who involve themselves in improving business performance through waste elimination
The ‘acid test’ is whether anything is ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Even with all other factors addressed, if nothing is actually happening, then the effort and commitment is for nothing because only when intent turns to action does a business begin to gain the benefits that a Lean organisation can bring

From this concept, we offer a unique and highly effective measurement tool that will give every business an incredibly accurate picture of their level of compliance across these 4 key elements and will signpost where attention and resource will need to be focused.

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