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The Excellence Engine™

The Excellence Engine™ (TEE)

The The Excellence Engine Tool is the comprehensive roadmap for delivery of business optimisation into any organisation. Not only this, but it is designed to drive optimisation at a pace so as to ensure that momentum is built up in the organisation. At its heart lies the engagement of people in the principles of continuous improvement and breakthrough methodologies.

The tool consists of five gears, which, if all aligned and operating at the same level of achievement, will ensure that the pace of optimisation in the organisation is at its maximum.

They are:

Strategic Leadership
entails all that encompasses the development of strategies and setting the organisation up to match, while understanding its essence and being able to mitigate risks.
Call to action
focusses on the absolute dissemination of the strategies through the organisation in a way that obtains buy-in with clear organisation purpose and engagement.
Kaizen Process
is all about the delivery of the strategy into performance through the monitoring of objectives, targets and the development of people while all the while driving the continuous improvement ethos.
Change Leadership
ensures that the organisation knows what it takes to be a change leader and why it is so important these individuals are supported by the senior leaders and at the same time supporting people to understand and utilise continuous improvement to their benefit.
Breakthrough Leadership
this gives the structure and guidance to extracting, managing and delivering breakthrough change in the organisation at the right momentum

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