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Tell Me More™

Tell Me More™ (TMM)

The Tell Me More Deep Dive Employee Engagement Tool is everything a standard employee survey is not.

It provides you with the ability to engage 100% of your staff and at the same time affording staff 100% anonymity in participating in the questioning sessions of Tell Me More.

The questioning sessions allow you to tailor the themes or topics you want to deep dive into. This can range from brand awareness to culture to best practice. This ability means that Tell Me More sessions can be run more than once over time and on each occasion the content has evolved to match the areas of importance in your business at that time.

The tool is designed in such a way that the outcomes from the questioning are visible in the sessions which allows for the feedback and discussion section of the sessions to take place directly after the questioning sessions.

The feedback and discussions then provide what employee surveys always struggle to do, that is they allow you to gather real context and explanation around the outcomes immediately with your staff.

With the help of the questioning and the discussion sessions, areas for improvement in the organisation are identified in the sessions and an action plan established directly after the sessions. Regular feedback loops are then built into you organisation to enable staff to see the progress and feel empowered.

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