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Business Optimisation

Business Optimisation (BO)

The Unleash Business Optimisation Model has been developed to unleash an organisations people, purpose, passion, potential, process and performance.

The model consists of three key tools which can be used singularly, all together or any combination, all depending on the climate which exists in your organisation at any given time. Deploying these tools is the key to achieving sustainable business optimisation and can be used in organisations who are well versed in business optimisation techniques to those who are new travellers on this journey.

Lean Training

Lean Training

Knowledge for All

Establishing a Lean organisation requires everyone having the right level of knowledge to be able to participate effectively, and so we at Unleash have developed an “ACADEMY PROGRAMME” which delivers the necessary training at 3 levels:

  1. Foundation – Participant Level
  2. Change Leader – Facilitator Level
  3. CI Strategist – Managerial Level

Know Care Can Do Model

Know Care Can Do (KCCD)

Continuous Improvement
Health Check Tool

The 'Know Care Can Do' is the first in the suite of tools and has been developed to tell you exactly what each layer of staff in your organisation Knows, their level of Care in the business, whether they Can actually drive CI and lastly whether they actually Do, and the next course of action to take to improve this picture.

Tell Me More Engagement Sessions

Tell Me More (TMM)

Employee Deep Dive Engagement Sessions

Our 'Tell Me More' sessions differ from traditional employee surveys in that they achieve 100% participation rates and 100% anonymity for staff while delivering insights through targeted questioning, discussions and contextualised responses, that provide immediate areas for improvement and subsequent action plans.

The Excellence Engine

The Excellence Engine (TEE)

Strategy Delivery Mechanism

'The Excellence Engine' is a mechanism to drive strategy to performance through the use of Strategic Leadership, Call to Action, Kaizen Process, Change Leadership and Breakthrough Leadership, and will provide a detailed roadmap of how to increase the speed of optimisation delivery into the organisation.