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Business Improvement

Business Improvement (BI)

We at Unleash have recognised that too few Continuous Improvement training programmes result in genuine, sustainable CI cultures being created. This is because there is a disconnect between the training, the systems, the support mechanisms, and the improvement activities.

We have addressed this by creating our unique delivery mechanism the Business Improvement Package, which will provide whatever level of support needed to take you there.



Partner Package

Enterprise Package


The E-package is a fully remote delivery model, which is highly cost effective and involves all key steps being delivered either remotely, or by using our range of video training tools and interactive resource packs. The programme will be fully supported virtually through regular electronic support means, including e-mail, Teams chat and video conferencing

Th Partner Package has all of the features of the E-Package, plus two days a month of direct support where Unleash consultants will get involved wherever necessary in either training, project delivery, people development, mentoring or system implementation

The Enterprise Package contains all of the elements of the Partner Package, but includes 6 days a month of direct support, so that your staff are solidly supported through the processes, plus an in-depth deep dive of your cultural status, using a process we have developed called Tell Me More

KCCD Assessment
Tailored Action Plan
Tell Me More Cultural Assessment - -
SLT Briefing
Management Training
Supervisor Training
Staff Training
Champions Training
Access to video suite
Access to Interactive training resources
Access to PowerPoint's with voice overs
Full instructions to use resources
Support to structure project programme
Ongoing support for Champions
Review outcome of each project
Provide inputs for Continuous Improvement System
Design & install Continuous Improvement system
Supply all system documentation
Supply SOPs/tutorials to use system
Launch Continuous Improvement System system
Provides support for system roll-out
KCCD II assessment
Tell Me More re-assessment - -
Excellence Engine analysis - -
Programme review
Ongoing Action Plan
Period Typically 12 months
Billing Cycle Typically monthly

Delivery Method Description
Delivered Remotely via Teams or Zoom etc
Face to face delivery - this can be delivered remotely via Teams or Zoom should Organisational Policy and/or Social Distancing requirements dictate
Provided by Unleash Resources
- Not included in this package